Things To Do When Looking For An Ideal Air Conditioning Repair Company

Residential air conditioning can be a significant investment, but it is often one that requires people to do their homework before hiring an HVAC service. If your home needs repairs, replacements or maintenance to its air conditioning system, there are several do’s and don’ts as you search for a heating and cooling service. Below are several tips to consider if you wish to hire an HVAC service that meets your needs.

So, here is what you should do when looking for a reliable air conditioning repair services.

Ask for Proof of Insurance and Bonding

A company that does not have insurance and bonding will not be able to:

  1. Compensate you for damage to your property as a result of work.
  2. Compensate your for items that have been stolen or lost during the project.

In addition to asking for bonding and insurance proof, I would also recommend verifying the documents with the right insurance authority.

Consider Getting More Than One Price Estimate

Getting at least three estimates will give you a clear idea of the project’s overall cost. When requesting for views, ensure that you get them from HVAC service companies that have good ratings and are deemed trustworthy. Businesses that lack solid credentials can try to trick you by offering lower estimates.

Don’t Sign a Contract Based on Just Price

“For large HVAC projects, most homeowners tend to quickly accept the lowest bid they come across, which is often a big mistake.” says Judith Diaz of Canada Furnace. “For instance, a company that hires only certified technicians may offer higher to account for the hiring pay of the workers. In this case, before you dismiss the higher bid, take time and ask the bidder to explain it. In some cases, the highest bid is usually the highest quality.” More information about pricing for air conditioning is available at

Ask For a List of References

“Most HVAC companies are prepared to provide three to four references, but few are willing to provide over ten recommendations like we can at Paradise Air.” states Karen Infante, one of their customer care representatives. “Asking for referrals from clients who had hired the company at an earlier time will provide valuable insight into the kind of quality the company’s offers. In some cases, the additional references speak of a lower service quality than the company’s preferred references.”

Ask for a Time Sensitive Contract

Failure to request for a time sensitive service contract can lead to your project being delayed, especially if the company tends to accept more projects than it has time for. The best thing is to specify in writing that the project must be completed by a specified date, or the company will not receive any payment.

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