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Things To Know When Starting Your Own Indoor Playground Business

More and more parents find indoor playgrounds an excellent idea. They are happy to be able to offer their kids a safe place where they can interact with each other, communicate, play together and have fun. Children enjoy these entertainment facilities, so they don’t mind being supervised by adults for the entire duration of their game. Also, these venues are perfect for various celebrations such as birthday parties and other family gatherings.

Indoor Playground Equipment for Kids

Be Your Own Boss

Under these circumstances, it makes sense to think about starting your own indoor playground business yourself, as it can prove to be very lucrative and profitable. Nonetheless, if you’ve never been involved in activities that imply working with children, you should be extremely careful and do your research properly before you start.

Liability Insurance

Insurance is one of the things you are going to need, so you should contact an insurance agent and discuss a general liability policy to have you covered in the even one of the kids gets injured while using your playground.

Childproofing the Business Premises

When buying furniture, flooring solutions, and other accessories, you have to make sure they are safe for the use of children. Moreover, you need protective padding for your walls and floors, as children can be extremely energetic in their play so that they might injure themselves or their other buddies.

Hire Employees

As you’ll need to hire staff to supervise your little guests and to manage the daily activities of your playground, you should obtain an employer registration number. Besides, you have to inform yourself on all other certifications and legal requirements, so that you can get all licenses and documentation before you open your venue.

Location, Location.. You Know the Rest

Last but not least, you have to find a suitable space to lease for setting up your games and accessories. Depending on the type of games you intend to offer, you are going to know what minimum size your space should have. Don’t forget that you are also going to need space for your administrative staff, for their offices, for restrooms, for the reception desk, as well as for a small relaxation area with tables and chairs, where the parents could have juice and a sandwich while waiting for their kids.

Lawyers, A Necessary Evil

The best way to process is to hire an attorney right off the bat. You are going to need a liability waiver and have the parents sign it before their children enter the playground. This kind of document is going to help you limit your exposure to getting sued by an unhappy parent whose kid got hurt while playing. Lawsuits are serious, so you should treat them carefully and take all cautions needed to minimize the risk of getting sued.

Don’t Forget About Marketing!

The last thing to do is to promote your venue to all parents and children in your neighborhood. Print out flyers, advertise in local newspapers and consider having a radio advertising campaign on one of your local stations. Develop a beautiful website and buy search engine advertising. The lead sales representative at Suttle Recreation Parks and Playground states, “Business is nothing without clients, so you should make sure you get some right from the beginning.”

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