The Best Knife Gate Valve Manufacturer

flanged knife gate valve

Knife gate valves open by lifting a round or rectangular gate out of the path of the fluid. These valves originally came out for the paper and pulp industry. The stringy paper pulp would impinge between the seat and wedge of the typical gate valve to prevent the shutting off of the flow. The knife gate valve was designed with a sharp edge to prevent this from happening. A knife gate valve can cut through the pulp and seal to shut off the flow immediately. With this innovation, the knife gate valve became quite popular in industries that involve slurry, viscous fluids. This article provides information on the best knife gate valve manufacturers on the market.

The knife gate valve is quite easy to actuate, affordable, and light compared to gate valves. But one disadvantage of this type of valve is the low-pressure limitations of the valve. Hence, this type of valve is less desirable to use in applications which require sanitary conditions and cleanliness. There are so many brands of knife gate valves on the market that you need to be cautious when picking the right product for your business which is where your extensive research comes in handy. In fact, you may have to perform your homework before you go shopping for a quality knife gate valve on the market. If you know someone who uses a knife gate valve, ask them if they are satisfied with the product. If so, ask them if they could recommend the same brand to you. This way you get a chance to select a quality knife gate valve recommended by someone you trust. In fact, the word of mouth is still very powerful when it comes to choosing a quality knife gate valve on the market.

knife gate valve modelIf you cannot find a quality product through this method, you may check the Internet for reliable manufacturers of knife gate valves. Perform a search on Google for the best knife gate valve on the market. You may come across a list of products on the SERPs. Check the pro and cons as well as the prices of these products before you decide on the best knife gate valve on the market.

Velan is a leading manufacturer in the world of knife gate valves. The company which was established in 1950 is reputed for manufacturing some of the highest quality knife gate valves in the world. They bring superior products to the market with a particular emphasis on quality. Velan has a global network spanning across the world. Velan Inc. has its head office in Montreal, Canada. The company has received numerous positive reviews and testimonials from a majority of their clients across the globe. Hence, Velan Inc. could be considered one of the best gate knife valve manufacturers in the world today.

The article above provides valuable information on the best knife gate valve manufacturers in the world. It will help you pick the right brand for your business.

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